Case Studies

At Alton Property Partners our focus is on working with our investors to provide the full Property Investment service, from sourcing through to refurbishment ready for tenants. By utilising our knowledge and expertise we are able to ensure our investor’s money works hard for them, achieving both instant equity and positive cash-flow.

Today is a buyer’s market so there is no better time to build a portfolio and have your money ‘work for you’. We focus on Nottingham as the returns are considerably higher than the South of England and we ourselves have successfully invested in the same area.

Case Study of an Investor

With money in the bank earning only 2%, our investor was having his money eroded by inflation. He had an interest in property investment and his initial thoughts were to invest locally in the South East of England. Analysis however showed he would be limited to purchasing 2 – 3 houses only, whereas in Nottingham the same money would allow him to purchase a portfolio of 8. This would enable him to balance his cash-flow and equity growth across more properties, giving increased returns while also reducing his risk from voids.

Following this strategy our investor is now in a strong position to be able to ride the equity ‘ups and downs’ while enjoying an extremely healthy return on his investment.

The table below illustrates three of the houses purchased by our investor; all three were purchased at Below Market Value and refurbished by our team. There was instant equity in each property from Day 1.

The total money invested for purchasing, fees and refurbishing equated to £74,000, with each property returning around £200 per month clear cash-flow (i.e. after the mortgage, letting fees and insurance have been paid), so the total annual income is just short of £8,000. Today you would require a pension fund of approximately £175,000 to generate this same level of income. Investing in property has the additional benefit of long term equity growth and unlike a pension can be inherited.

This monthly cash-flow of £600 equates to a healthy Net Return on Investment of 13%. Significantly higher than the 2% originally achieved from the bank.

Summary of the Key Benefits offered by Alton Property Partners.

-A fully ‘hand-held’ property investment process, with the ability to:
-Buy property below market value and achieve instant equity
-Achieve increased cash-flow compared with savings accounts
-Achieve greater income versus traditional pension annuity payments
-Benefit from increased purchasing power in Nottingham, than the South of England
-Build an inheritable property portfolio.

If you are interested in understanding more about our full service and how we can help you also invest in property then please contact Gill Alton at or alternatively Tel: 0845 095 50 60.