Sourcing Property

The key to buying investment property below market value (BMV) is;

(1) focussing and knowing your area
(2) building valuable connections


These two elements mean you can quickly identify property that represents a good investment opportunity. It sounds simple but done properly it requires time, effort and dedication and unless you are going to invest directly on your doorstep this can make it almost impossible to achieve if your career, business or family commitments prevent you from finding the time.

Investing in property is not about compromising your goals, it’s about understanding your limitations and working with a reliable and trustworthy Property Partner who can deliver against your requirements. Having a partner in your property investment journey means they can utilise their strengths to open up favourable investments for you.

How can I help?


I live in the South East of England (Berkshire), but am investing in North West Nottingham where I have, and am continuing to build a portfolio of properties for our own family and my investors. Over the last 2 years I have purchased and arranged the refurbishment on a total of 25 high yielding houses. I have spent time and alot of mileage building a powerful property team, so you don’t have to.

At Alton Property Partners we believe in transparency and being realistic with our investors and we will not promote any properties which do not meet our high standards.


So Why Nottingham?

Put simply it is because Nottingham is an up and coming City, which offers extremely impressive gross rental yields of between 9% – 12%. In addition the properties we are gaining access to are significantly cheaper than in the South of England, so we can help you make your seed investment money go much further and gain you better returns. To demonstrate this fact on a personal note I could have purchased 2/ 3 properties in Berkshire, while my same investment money purchased 8 properties for our family in Nottingham. This has given us approximately a 50% increase in our monthly cash-flow and the opportunity to gain equity growth on an additional 5/6 properties over time. Importantly, it also means that as an investor we are able to treat our investing more on a business level, reducing the financial impact from voids.

So if it is important to you that you make your money work hard, and achieve high rental yields from a relatively low investment base, all while you concentrate on your career or business, then partnering in property with Alton Property Partners will help you achieve this very goal.

Step 1: Consultation & Strategy

Step 2: Sourcing Property

Step 3: Financial Analysis & Negotiation

Step 4: Mortgage Application & Conveyancing

Step 5: Exchange & Complete Contracts

Step 6: Light Refurbishment & Letting Agent