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I strongly believe that property investment can save your pension hopes and needs. It is the focus of my forth coming book which covers the realities of using property investment as a supplement or even a replacement for pension. 

In this interview I did recently I explain what brought me into the property business. I left a corporate job to join my husband Richard in his mortgage company just as the mortgage business went through the floor. Our family finances suddenly came in to sharp focus and I realised that we would have to radically change our attitude to the long-term financial future of the family.

I started to look at alternatives and property was the asset route I decided was perfect for my husband and I to focus on. We now have a healthy property investment portfolio and now I help people to build solid professional buy to let property portfolios specifically to create a supplement to any pension and so you can have the retirement you want.

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We have been talking about property and using property investment as a supplement as a pension in other audios and I’m now bringing out a book in a few months about pension plans and using property investment to save your pension plans.

The reason I wrote the book is that I’m very passionate about the subject. I’ve experienced not working and not having enough money and I didn’t like it – you might ask how that happened!

In 2007 I decided I would join my husband Richard in his mortgage business which was absolutely booming. In addition I was working very long hours and decided that I wanted more of a balance with family life as my daughter was about to start school.

So the decision was to work with Richard at Alton Mortgages, help him with his workload and resign from Xerox who I’d been with for 12 years. I was also a qualified mortgage broker and so it seemed the perfect solution.

However, during that time in 2007 it was the real start of the credit crunch that really hit our business. Overnight we saw a massive drop in our income – about 50% – and the network we were associated with went bankrupt so had a very rough ride. It made us realise how hard things are without money. We were lucky as we already had 6 buy to let properties that gave us an income. As I’d resigned, I didn’t get any redundancy money to tide me over.

Mentally, because I’d made the decision to be around the family more and also because when I put my mind to something, I decided not to go back to company life and stuck to my guns. Therefore I had to look at other ways for our family to survive.

So from our point of view it was a case of knuckling down and finding a way to turn things around. I was in my late thirties at that time and the income from our property investment portfolio was coming in when we were struggling and it made us see how powerful rental income is. Without it we would have lost our home. The focus was then to go and get more rental income for us so we were never in that position again where we had all our eggs in one basket and had no control over our finances.

We expanded our portfolio, and as investors were very controlled in the way we grew this. Having been through hard times, I feel I’m in a position to help people who want to have a stable retirement. I never say stop paying into your pension as I think you need diversification, but most people’s pension will be woefully short of where it needs to be, and so that’s why I think people need multiple asset classes to give them the retirement they desire and more importantly, need if they are to maintain a decent standard of living

If you can, you need a pension as well as a property investment portfolio so that you have a support to your existing pension. If you are starting aged 21, then fine, but many people start in their later years and have established their family, have equity in their property but don’t have good cash flow. Though their pension will be short it is still an income stream and if you are going to make the most of every world, you need more strings to your bow – and diversify your assets.

So the key is to keep your pension going and if you don’t want to have a gap in your retirement, maybe necessitating getting a part time job or even worse carry on working full time, then you need to do something different.

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Gill Alton is the founder of Alton Property Partners, which provides a comprehensive and personal Property Portfolio Building Service for investors in the UK.

Alton Property Partners manage the entire investment process, from sourcing property at a discounted value, co-ordinating the Mortgage, arranging the refurbishment, right through to ensuring it is ready for the rental market.

The service is specifically aimed to support those who recognise the value of a UK investment portfolio, but lack the time, or knowledge to be able to invest for themselves because they are full time employees or Business Owners. With full consultation and comprehensive financial analysis, clients can be assured that their portfolio of strong yielding properties will be built to exacting standards and they will be kept up to date every step of the way.

Having been involved in property for 16 years Gill has built a personal portfolio for her family, and in addition to Alton Property Partners, runs a Property Mentoring Business, Venus Property Mentoring which focuses on supporting new investors onto the investing ladder. Having originally left the Corporate world to be a Qualified Mortgage Broker, Gill’s husband now focuses on their family Mortgage Brokerage in Maidenhead – Alton Mortgages.

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