Property As A Pension Is A Worthy Investment Strategy

Gill Alton Property InvestorWith the changing cap on tax-free lifetime pension allowances, savers upon retirement could end up with an income of just £41,000 from their £1.25 million nest egg.

The Chancellor has announced that the maximum amount anyone can save into their pension pot over the course of working life and still get tax relief on their contributions would be cut down to £1.25 million from April 2 next year.

For those fortunate enough to have a good job and a good pension these new rules are really a kick in the teeth. With one breath they are advised to save for our retirement, now with the other they are penalised with tax if they save ‘too much’.

One of the arguments promoted in favour of pensions is the tax benefits they offer. Now with these changes in the Autumn Statement those benefits are suddenly less attractive.

Anyone who is knocking on the door of these taxable levels should certainly consider alternative investment strategies. Strategies which will allow them to truly diversify, while taking advantage of alternative tax benefits and in particular options which have no upper limit on the amount you can invest.
My advice would therefore be to look to invest in property to sit alongside their pension.

Property brings a balance and strength to a pension plan, which can not be achieved by the Stock Market alone. There are also a myriad of tax benefits to be achieved with property investment, so what you lose with one hand you could gain with another.

So if you find yourself in this situation and are confused by the media take time out to get yourself educated on sensible ‘retirement planning’ property investment. And if your life is already too busy to allow you the luxury of this time work with a company who will do the investing for you. After all you don’t have to just sit there and let your money be taken from you.

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Gill Alton is the founder of Alton Property Partners, which provides a comprehensive and personal Property Portfolio Building Service for investors in the UK.

Alton Property Partners manage the entire investment process, from sourcing property at a discounted value, co-ordinating the Mortgage, arranging the refurbishment, right through to ensuring it is ready for the rental market.

The service is specifically aimed to support those who recognise the value of a UK investment portfolio, but lack the time, or knowledge to be able to invest for themselves because they are full time employees or Business Owners. With full consultation and comprehensive financial analysis, clients can be assured that their portfolio of strong yielding properties will be built to exacting standards and they will be kept up to date every step of the way.

Having been involved in property for 16 years Gill has built a personal portfolio for her family, and in addition to Alton Property Partners, runs a Property Mentoring Business, Venus Property Mentoring which focuses on supporting new investors onto the investing ladder. Having originally left the Corporate world to be a Qualified Mortgage Broker, Gill’s husband now focuses on their family Mortgage Brokerage in Maidenhead – Alton Mortgages.

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