Gill Alton | Securing Your Retirement With Property Part 1 [Audio]

In our last audio we talked about pensions and using property as a property supplement or in some cases a replacement. It’s usually when people are in their 40s and 50s when they realise that they have an insufficient pension and are looking for alternatives.

Property can be an alternative. However, becoming a property investor can be terrifying for some people who feel that they just aren’t entrepreneurial enough. But it’s not about being an entrepreneur, it’s about realising the reality of your retirement in its current form.

To some extent the press is guilty of making property investment far more scary than it needs to be and pretty much scaremongering on a daily basis with warnings and tales of people trapped by negative equity and falling house prices.

There is a real disparity between what the press says and what marketeers say which can be very confusing for the potential investor. Therefore people don’t think that property investment is for them and that’s why I’ve written a book putting across the message that the risky strategy is to do nothing. I believe that securing your retirement through property is one of the less risky options available to you, and the easiest to achive.

In the book I cover various subjects for example, life expectancy – it’s gone up dramatically and now people are living well into their 80s and 90s with women living even longer.

When the state pension was introduced in 1909 you had to be over 70, in employment and you had to meet a certain criteria – and only 500,000 people qualified back then. Now they are putting the qualifying pension age up towards 70 and have changed it to a flat rate so that everyone will qualify if they have made NI contributions. So the world is changing – and it’s important that you don’t do nothing.

The state pension isn’t enough to live off especially with the rising costs of fuel and food. One of the biggest changes is that companies have moved away from defined benefit schemes to defined contribution – even the people paying into a pension probably don’t know what that actually means to them when the time comes to retire. People don’t think about what they need to retire and that what’s happening now is conspiring against them for the future.

My book talks about using property as a pension supplement or replacement, and the concept of stepping over that line is huge. People shouldn’t think about it in terms of being an entrepreneur, as many people see this as unstable, but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about getting what you need when you retire and using property you can achieve this.

If you stay where you are, that’s risky and the problem is people don’t like change – pensions have been considered extremely easy to do, it’s tax efficient but it’s no longer enough. Annuity rates have fallen drastically, and I’m not sure they will come back up for another 10 or 15 years and so you have a huge number of people who simply won’t have enough to live on. For example a pot worth 100,000 will get you just over £5,000 per year and if you go for a level life cover you will get poorer every subsequent year that you live. This simply isn’t enough, and that’s where property comes in.

Listen to part two of this audio – securing your retirement with property

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