Buy To Let Is Still An Attractive Property Investment Strategy

I still advocate that buy to let is still an attractive property investment strategy despite an article I recently came across implying that there was an increasing number of ‘accidental’ landlords which would result in a reduction in rental yields. Read the article It states that the increasing supply of rental homes will reduce the [Read More...]

Property Investment Strategies Are Vital If You Have Interest Only Mortgages

There are certain property investment strategies that could be the saviour to those with an interest only mortgage as a means of repaying the loan at the end of the mortgage term. According to a report by BDRC Continental, only 560,000 households with an interest only mortgage have an investment plan that will enable them [Read More...]

Gill Alton | Securing Your Retirement With Property Part 2 [Audio]

The focus of my book is supplementing your pension by property investment. I go into a lot of detail into investing in property and the differences between property and the stock market and annuities. It’s for people who feel that property might not be for them, but I believe that everyone should look at the [Read More...]

Gill Alton | Securing Your Retirement With Property Part 1 [Audio]

In our last audio we talked about pensions and using property as a property supplement or in some cases a replacement. It’s usually when people are in their 40s and 50s when they realise that they have an insufficient pension and are looking for alternatives. Property can be an alternative. However, becoming a property investor [Read More...]

Gill Alton | Will Rental Growth Slow Down This Year?

It has been predicted that the pace of the increase in UK rents is set to slow down in 2013. Property website Rightmove has found that nearly 75% of professional landlords are intending to purchase more buy-to-let properties this year, giving the housing market a bigger boost to the available rental properties on the market. [Read More...]

Investors Are Tempted By Property Funds But Are They Too Risky?

A recent wave of start-up investment products which fluctuate with property prices (national or local) has been met with scepticism from industry experts who have reservations about the risks involved. Although I’m an advocate of investing in property to boost your pension, my focus is very much on purchasing for cash flow and holding long [Read More...]

Will You Have To Spend Your Retirement Years Paying Off Debts?

I recently read an article saying that Prudential has released figures showing that 20% of people who retire have debts of more than £31,000. Many owe money on credit cards, interest-only mortgages or have endowments that have failed to deliver what they expected. Read the article here Those retiring now are being hit on all [Read More...]

Property As A Pension Is A Worthy Investment Strategy

With the changing cap on tax-free lifetime pension allowances, savers upon retirement could end up with an income of just £41,000 from their £1.25 million nest egg. The Chancellor has announced that the maximum amount anyone can save into their pension pot over the course of working life and still get tax relief on their [Read More...]

Property investment strategies – when to invest

Property investment strategies – if you are wondering when to invest in property, I believe that now is the ideal time. There have been lots of stories, blog posts and forum posts about when to invest in property with some believing now is the time, and others believing that property is no longer a good [Read More...]

Property as a pension – never has there been a better time

As my blog followers will know I believe that effective retirement planning includes property investment, using property as a pension in later years. I recently read an article stating that poor annuity rates are putting the pensions auto-enrolment scheme at risk. Many of those who have spent years saving see annuity rates as an unacceptable [Read More...]