Consultation & Strategy

‘Property investing’ is used to cover a multitude of strategies, the following to name a few:

(1) Buy, refurbishment and rent
(2) Buy, refurbishment and sell (Flip)
(3) Taking an Option to purchase the house.

Each strategy has its own merits, and will be applicable dependent on both your circumstances and what you are looking to achieve as an investor. Our property investment strategy has been formulated from our experiences and is based on buying, refurbishing and renting the property to create positive cash-flow (ie (1) above). We look to achieve a combination of equity and income from property, as we recognise that it is the positive cash-flow which allows us to ride the market fluctuations and still achieve the goals of:

(1) Supporting our family’s expenses today
(2) Boosting our pension pots of the future
(3) Allowing us to be financially free

Buying investment property really is a business decision, and not an emotional response. Emotional responses should be limited to purchasing your residential home.

How can I help?


At Alton Property Partners our focus is on offering a personal property portfolio building service, aimed to support busy professionals (whether employed or a business owner) to build a property investment income and asset base. We remove the stresses associated with property investment, so our investor’s can achieve outstanding results, while continuing with their day to day lifestyle.

The outstanding benefits achieved by investing in property, is understood by many, but the ability to bring those benefits to fruition is understandably often limited due to time commitments. By sitting down with each of our investors and taking time to understand their individual requirements, it allows us at Alton Property Partners to source and promote property to them which meets their exact investing requirements.

We understand that ‘one size does not fit all’ and our open, honest and inclusive approach has allowed us to work with many investors and successfully achieve their investment goals.


Our unique ‘one stop’ seamless pipeline means that once we understand what our investors’ are looking to achieve we can work on their behalf to deliver the results.

So if you, like our other investors, would like to invest in property and recognise the financial benefit of doing so, but are struggling to fit it into your busy schedule we would be delighted to work with you.

Step 1: Consultation & Strategy

Step 2: Sourcing Property

Step 3: Financial Analysis & Negotiation

Step 4: Mortgage Application & Conveyancing

Step 5: Exchange & Complete Contracts

Step 6: Light Refurbishment & Letting Agent