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Property Investments – A Great Alternative To A Pension Scheme

Since the beginning of the global financial crisis in 2008, people have been looking for alternative incomes, both for their day to day requirements to supplement their income, but also as decreased pension rates lead to worries about having enough money in retirement. If you’re on this site then you’ll already have thought of property [Read More...]

Property investment strategies – when to invest

Property investment strategies – if you are wondering when to invest in property, I believe that now is the ideal time. There have been lots of stories, blog posts and forum posts about when to invest in property with some believing now is the time, and others believing that property is no longer a good [Read More...]

Property as a pension – never has there been a better time

As my blog followers will know I believe that effective retirement planning includes property investment, using property as a pension in later years. I recently read an article stating that poor annuity rates are putting the pensions auto-enrolment scheme at risk. Many of those who have spent years saving see annuity rates as an unacceptable [Read More...]

FSA cuts pension projections, property as a pension could be the answer.

The FSA has said that the returns on pension plans need to be reduced from 2014 so that they show more realistic returns than the projections currently used. Having recently reviewed several online pension projection calculators I found that they all automatically projected my pension pot on the basis that it had grown by a [Read More...]

Downsizing to enable you to use property as a pension

Many retirees are buying homes that are on average 36% cheaper than their current home, and many are looking to buy properties that are at least 50% cheaper, therefore using property as a pension, or as part of their pension planning. This could mean that homeowners raise approximately £186 billion towards their retirement. Research by [Read More...]

Castle Trust controversial shared appreciation mortgage

Castle Trust controversial shared appreciation mortgage Castle Trust has launched its shared appreciation mortgages whereby the lender takes some of the profit when you sell your property. The Castle Partnership Mortgage sounds like an attractive solution on the outset, as it allows you to pay a lower mortgage payment, however this comes at a significant [Read More...]

Investors warned over get-rich-quick property investment schemes

Property investors warned over get-rich-quick investment schemes It was reported that investors are risking their savings on ‘get rich quick’ property investment schemes. People who are sick of plummeting pension funds and low savings rates are being targeted and talked into signing up to learn property secrets that will make them rich. This is worryingly [Read More...]

A balanced approach to saving for retirement

This month more than eight million workers will be automatically enrolled in a pension scheme by their employer under new legislation. Once they are signed up, they can op out, however the Government hopes that most will stay signed up to the scheme, helping workers in saving for retirement. There are some good arguments for [Read More...]

Pension property investment to the rescue

I’ve just read an article in the Telegraph stating following research on over 1,500 adults, 44% of them are planning on using pension property investment as well as savings or inheritance to see them through their retirement. This is the equivalent of 16 million adults not expecting to draw a pension when the give up [Read More...]

Property as a pension investment – Why did the tax on my private pension increase?

Why did the tax on my private pension increase when I started drawing my state pension? I’ve just read a post from someone online asking pensions advice on why the tax on their private pension increased when they started to draw their state pension. This person was a retired prison officer, and had served 34 [Read More...]