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Are lenders refusing to commit to the Help to Buy scheme?

In relation to the Help to Buy scheme, it has been reported that until more details are released about the benefits for lenders – and the costs – they won’t be joining the scheme any time soon. Currently, there are just two government–backed banks (Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group) that have committed [Read More...]

Property Investment Strategies – What Next For House Prices? | Gill Alton

There are a great many variables which have an influence on the prices of houses in the UK, not just on the national average but also locally. Certainly it is predicted the Government Lending Schemes are likely to drive the house prices up in the short term.  However, I have a genuine concern they haven’t thought [Read More...]

Investors Are Tempted By Property Funds But Are They Too Risky?

A recent wave of start-up investment products which fluctuate with property prices (national or local) has been met with scepticism from industry experts who have reservations about the risks involved. Although I’m an advocate of investing in property to boost your pension, my focus is very much on purchasing for cash flow and holding long [Read More...]