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An Increase In Mortgage Lending – Is The Market Recovering?

There have been several signs of a healthy mortgage recovery recently, and in August this year the value of home loans issued has increased by over 30% year on year. Over £16 billion worth of mortgages was issued last month alone. This is a 28% increase on 2012 according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders. [Read More...]

Pension Performance | How Will YOUR Pension Perform?

Most people have no idea how their pension will perform | pension performance is overlooked It has been reported that most people don’t have a clue how their pension pot is performing, and millions could be in for a very nasty surprise when they retire. To read the rest of this article go to :

Interest Only Mortgages – The Ticking Time Bomb | Gill Alton

From the time Interest Only Mortgages were introduced in great gusto between 1984 and 1994, to their second coming between 2000 to 2007, they have for many represented a poisoned chalice.  As the advantage of paying lower monthly mortgage payments has been taken at the expense of the guaranteed knowledge that at the end of [Read More...]

Property Investment Strategies – What Next For House Prices? | Gill Alton

There are a great many variables which have an influence on the prices of houses in the UK, not just on the national average but also locally. Certainly it is predicted the Government Lending Schemes are likely to drive the house prices up in the short term.  However, I have a genuine concern they haven’t thought [Read More...]

Overhauling The State Pension – Could Property Investment Save You? | Gill Alton

I believe more and more that property investment is the key to being financially secure in retirement years as the Government has recently published the White Paper and draft Pensions Bill that will affect everyone. I recently came across an article that outlines how the changes will affect people Read the article The White paper [Read More...]

Property Investment Areas | Gill Alton

As an active property investor myself, besides helping people build a property portfolio with Alton Property Partners I am always looking for any news concerning property investment areas.   So I was really interested to see a recent article reporting that over 130,000 homes have been sold at a loss since 2007 when prices peaked. with [Read More...]

Property Investment Can Save Your Pension Part 2 [Audio] | Gill Alton

In this second part of the “Property Investment Can Save Your Pension” interview I talk about how you can take your first steps to go from a complete novice to someone who feels comfortable to invest in property as a pension vehicle. I understand that it can be daunting for people who want to have [Read More...]

Property Investment Can Save Your Pension Part 1 [Audio] | Gill Alton

I strongly believe that property investment can save your pension hopes and needs. It is the focus of my forth coming book which covers the realities of using property investment as a supplement or even a replacement for pension.  In this interview I did recently I explain what brought me into the property business. I [Read More...]

Gill Alton | Securing Your Retirement With Property Part 2 [Audio]

The focus of my book is supplementing your pension by property investment. I go into a lot of detail into investing in property and the differences between property and the stock market and annuities. It’s for people who feel that property might not be for them, but I believe that everyone should look at the [Read More...]

Gill Alton | Securing Your Retirement With Property Part 1 [Audio]

In our last audio we talked about pensions and using property as a property supplement or in some cases a replacement. It’s usually when people are in their 40s and 50s when they realise that they have an insufficient pension and are looking for alternatives. Property can be an alternative. However, becoming a property investor [Read More...]