Our Property Portfolio Building service is designed to help the busy professional whether employed or self-employed.

At Alton Property Partners we do the hard-work for you and take the hassle away from investing in property, because we know investing to achieve both equity and cash-flow requires time, knowledge and dedication. All of the Alton Property Partner team are active investors, purchasing Buy-To-Let properties in the same areas within Nottingham as our investors, so we really do ‘walk the talk’. We are committed to attending regular educational seminars and meetings, to sustain and expand our knowledge, so we can offer our investors the very latest and best solutions. This means our investors can rest assure we are working hard on their behalf.


Our investors are’hand-held’ through the complete property investing process and benefit from the strong business connections personally established by the team.

The Alton Property Partners ‘one stop shop’ approach offers complete peace of mind, as each property is viewed on our investor’s behalf by our Chartered Surveyor and Refurbishment Manager and then a full financial analysis is completed. Each investor is then taken through the financial analysis personally so they feel comfortable in their financial investment and together we plan their strategy.


Once their offer has been accepted on the Buy-To-Let property, they then benefit from the same personal support for their Mortgage and Legal work, it is all part of the streamlined process. On Completion our trusted Refurbishment team ensure the property is refurbished to the agreed specification. The Letting Agent is then engaged on behalf of the Investor to ensure a seamless process between the end of the refurbishment and the tenants moving in.

At Alton Property Partners we pride ourselves on sourcing investment properties that we would feel comfortable investing our own money into. Our focus is very much around sourcing to achieve both ‘equity’ from Day 1 and a healthy positive cash-flow.

There is no upfront Property Portfolio Building Fee and on Completion of the Purchase, Alton Property Partners do not own a percentage of the property. The property is wholly owned in the investor’s name with no second charge, so our investors benefit fully from their portfolio being within their control. We simply charge our investors’ for the delivery of our investment service, which we believe is both an ethical and fair way to do it.

Net cash-flow achieveable per month is approxmately £200 per month, (i.e. after the Mortgage, Letting Fees and Insurance), with the average gross return on the physical money invested by our investors being 24%. So each property is providing a very healthy passive income.

How comforting would it be to know you have actively taken care of your retirement, or you have additional money coming into your household each month which will allow you to support your family. This is achievable through leveraging the skills, experience and time of the Alton Property Partners team.


Summary of Benefits

In summary, Alton Property Partners will benefit you:

If you want to invest in property, but your life is too busy and stressful to take action

If you recognise the benefit of buying into the ‘time, knowledge and connections’ of people who are ‘walking the walk’ and will guide you through building a property portfolio and investing.

If you are keen to achieve a return on your invested money, far higher than that delivered in the bank (i.e. returns of 9% – 12%), all while having your debt eroded by inflation and the opportunity for equity growth.

If you want to gain access to the lower priced housing stock of the Midlands and you live in the South East of England.

If you want to know your portfolio of property is owned 100% in your name, so you are free to enjoy the benefits of capital growth long term, without having to share with a third party.

If you are worried your pension will be insufficient to support you in your retirement, because:

• you have had breaks in your pension contributions,
• your regular contributions haven’t built up a large enough pot,
• or you are simply worried that by the time you retire the annuity rates will have reduced further and the State Pension will be non-existent.