Alton Property Partners – What lessons will they learn?

In years to come children will sit in school and be taught about the Financial Crisis of 2007 and the Recession that followed.

They will be told how the banks got over generous in America lending money that they didn’t have to families who couldn’t afford it.  They will learn how these mortgages were then packaged up and sold as prime loans, and how when those families became unable to pay their mortgages their houses in America were Foreclosed on and the bubble burst.

The Credit Crunch began and its impact rushed across the Atlantic at break neck speed, as we were all so interlinked in the banking world.

Hitting hard in 2008,  banks tightened their lending over night, rates increased daily and the flow of money ceased.  UK Consumer Debt in 2008 stood at £1,461bn and Credit Card debt was rampant at £56.5bn .   The majority of people seeming to have lost their grip on reality, that this money needed to be paid back.

The students will understand how with the flow of money tightening the housing market dropped in value and the UK economy stopped growing. Banks who were tittering on the edge of bankruptcy where bailed out by the Government.   And inevitably the UK descended into Recession. Unemployment rushed upwards as jobs became hard to find, and hold onto and homes were repossessed here in the UK.

When the music stopped the Countries of Europe were left holding the Debt and country after country fought hard to keep their heads above the water.  Soup kitchens were set up in previously wealthy countries to support those families whose world had been shattered. UK Quantitative Easing programme after programme did little to revive the Economy and neither did over three years of 0.5% Interest Rates. The Double Dip recession became officially on the 25th April 2012.

They will hear how families struggled in the UK, businesses went bankrupt and pensioners became another sacrificial offering as the value of pensions plummeted.     The children of the future will see their Grandparents suffering long after the recession is over.

But what will they really have learnt?

Will they have been taught about how they can build their own safety net for their future?

Will they have learnt how some people during the ‘Great Recession’ didn’t just rely on their job (over which they had no control) instead they choose to also invest in property, below market value for cash-flow. Building themselves an asset base which put money in their pocket each month,  so they created their own security.  These people riding high on the crest of the recession wave and being carried safely onto dry land.

Because as sure as the sun rises each day, there will be another Recession – it’s cyclical!!

Or will they be left wanting – simply victims in waiting,  choosing to slot into the ‘follow my leader society’, afraid to stand out from the rest! I do hope not for their sakes.

Gill Alton

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Gill Alton is the founder of Alton Property Partners, which provides a comprehensive and personal Property Portfolio Building Service for investors in the UK.

Alton Property Partners manage the entire investment process, from sourcing property at a discounted value, co-ordinating the Mortgage, arranging the refurbishment, right through to ensuring it is ready for the rental market.

The service is specifically aimed to support those who recognise the value of a UK investment portfolio, but lack the time, or knowledge to be able to invest for themselves because they are full time employees or Business Owners. With full consultation and comprehensive financial analysis, clients can be assured that their portfolio of strong yielding properties will be built to exacting standards and they will be kept up to date every step of the way.

Having been involved in property for 16 years Gill has built a personal portfolio for her family, and in addition to Alton Property Partners, runs a Property Mentoring Business, Venus Property Mentoring which focuses on supporting new investors onto the investing ladder. Having originally left the Corporate world to be a Qualified Mortgage Broker, Gill’s husband now focuses on their family Mortgage Brokerage in Maidenhead – Alton Mortgages.

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